combines research and development in the field of humic acids, which are carried out by universities and research institutes in Central Europe.

HUMAC Group n.o. mission

HUMAC Group n.o. is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2020 by HUMAC s.r.o. mainly for the purpose of raising awareness about humic acids, their effects and the possibilities of their use in all aspects of our lives.

For this reason, we are bringing together experts in humic acids and HUMAC® products. You can find their list in the HUMAC Group Members section.

In cooperation with a number of scientific workers, we investigate the properties and use of humic acids in various applications. This scientific activity has already resulted in several dozen scientific publications and several media contributions in different countries.

HUMAC Group n.o. activities

  • free consultation services for the public regarding the applications of HUMAC® products in cooperation with our experts
  • supporting research and finding research activities with the application of HUMAC® products
  • search for areas (environmental problems, health support, etc.) where it would be possible to use the action of humic acids


  • Participation in a seminar in Wexford, Ireland
    At the turn of May and June, I was invited to the “Regenerative Agriculture & Dairy Nutrition Seminar” held in Wexford, Ireland. This seminar was organized by Dr. Joe Kavanagh from Veterinary Clinic MOYNE.
  • Happy new year 2023
    I would like to wish you a lot of health, happiness and success in the new year 2023, both professional and private. The beginning of the new year is also suitable for summarizing the previous one and introducing plans for the upcoming one. Read more
  • Dr. Pizarro at the CAMUR 2022 conference in Lima
    Dr. Pizzaro represented us at the CAMUR 2022 conference in Lima (Peru). He spoke mainly about soil pollution and the ability of humic acids to eliminate this pollution, or prevent it from entering the food chain. He also mentioned the positive impact of HUMAC® Agro on soil structure and fertility. You can also watch the recording of his presentation here.

You can find all projects in the Projects tab.

Contact us

One of our main goals is to answer all questions regarding humic acids, their effects, possibilities of use or their application.

So, in case of any questions about HUMAC Group n.o. or about humic acids or HUMAC® products, do not hesitate to contact us by email at

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Donate to us

Achieving our tasks requires certain financial resources. We try to get them mainly in the form of subsidies, grants and projects. However, this is not always easy. That is why we would like to ask for a financial donation from you as well. You can use our donation form for this.

Gradually, depending on the amount of funds received, we will gradually solve the tasks defined above.