Doc. Mudroňová won the Science and Technology Award 2022 in the category Personality of Science and Technology

Member of the HUMAC Group, veterinary immunologist Dagmar Mudroňová received the Science and Technology Award 2022 in the Science and Technology Personality category for her contribution in the field of research and development of probiotics and substances of natural origin and for the study of their impact on animal immunity as part of this year’s Science and Technology Week.

We congratulate the associate professor and we are very happy that she is part of our organization.

The goal of her work is mainly to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry, which would subsequently increase the quality and health safety of food and reduce the burden on the environment. In his research, he deals with a wide variety of substances of natural origin, including humic acids.

You can read more in the interview for the portal Veda na dosah (in slovak).