Happy new year 2023

I would like to wish you a lot of health, happiness and success in the new year 2023, both professional and private.
The beginning of the new year is also suitable for summarizing the previous one and introducing plans for the upcoming one.
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Dr. Pizarro at the CAMUR 2022 conference in Lima

Dr. Pizzaro represented us at the CAMUR 2022 conference in Lima (Peru). He spoke mainly about soil pollution and the ability of humic acids to eliminate this pollution, or prevent it from entering the food chain. He also mentioned the positive impact of HUMAC® Agro on soil structure and fertility. You can also watch the recording of his presentation here.

Doc. Mudroňová won the Science and Technology Award 2022 in the category Personality of Science and Technology

Member of the HUMAC Group, veterinary immunologist Dagmar Mudroňová received the Science and Technology Award 2022 in the Science and Technology Personality category for her contribution in the field of research and development of probiotics and substances of natural origin and for the study of their impact on animal immunity as part of this year’s Science and Technology Week.

We congratulate the associate professor and we are very happy that she is part of our organization.

Pollution of the Madre de Dios region, Peru

In the Madre de Dios region of Peru, gold mining has been going on for several years with the use of various toxic substances and heavy metals. These substances enter the environment and the food chain of people living in the area. The accumulation of heavy metals in the body often causes health problems. One of the properties of humic acids is the ability to bind heavy metals to themselves, including in the digestive tract of humans and animals, thus helping the body’s detoxification. That’s why Dr. Rafael Pizarro Alvis is making great efforts to get nutritional supplements based on humic acids into this area.

Soil pollution with polyaromatic hydrocarbons – testing in Hungary

Polyaromatic hydrocarbons are a frequent environmental contaminant. Their removal from the soil is a challenge. In cooperation with colleagues from Hungary, we proposed a soil revitalization procedure without the need to excavate the soil and haul it away, simply by spraying the contaminated soil with an aqueous enzyme solution. Subsequently, it is necessary to restore the soil with the help of humic acids.

PCB substances in the vicinity of Strážské, Slovakia

Polychlorinated biphenyls were initially considered completely harmless, but today they are known to cause various health problems. In the vicinity of the former chemical plant, there are still a large number of old barrels with PCB substances, which are gradually being released into the environment. in 2021, we performed tests on poultry and eggs from a village near the plant and found increased levels of PCB substances, especially in eggs. In cooperation with the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, we are testing the ability of humic substances to retain PCB substances in the soil. And the initial results look promising.

Wastewater treatment plant Nižná Slaná, Slovakia – test

The tailings pond near the village of Nižná Slaná contains a large amount of toxic substances, especially heavy metals. For this reason, almost no vegetation grows on the tailings pond, which is the reason for the blowing of toxic dust into the surrounding area.
Our effort was to revitalize the soil and promote the growth of grass, which would eliminate the spread of toxic dust.